ITS Grads: Links and bridges for the future


Welcome back to ITS!

It has been thirty years since the beginning of ITS. We are grateful to our founders, supporters and those who have served this seminary from the first day until now. Faithful to its mission, ITS has been training international church and denominational leaders. Most of our graduates have returned to their homeland to carry on their ministry. There are those whose ministries require them to remain in the U.S. and they have been making invaluable contributions and encouragement to our school. We would like to renew our fellowship and partnership for the continued growth of our alma mater.

The ITS Alumni Affairs department was recently established to galvanize the link of the school and all the graduates and former students. Graduates and former students are encouraged to organize alumni associations in their respective countries and select a national representative to the ITS alumni international committee.

Alumni can help support ITS in its development projects and scholarship programs. Every year, our school receive numerous inquiries from prospective students from all over the world. Many of them send their admission application even though unsure how their study will be financed.  Armed with vision for their ministry and expectation that ITS will further equip  them , they make steps of faith and travel thousands of miles, some leaving their families behind. You can make a difference to our students and their ministry in their home country.

Alumni are ITS ambassadors. You are our representatives and partners in the field.

Why don’t you take time to reconnect? We’d like to hear from you. Everyone is excited to hear your story. Feel free to post your updates.

God bless!



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